Geometrical Metrology Laboratory

The Geometrical Metrology laboratory of the Department is devoted to performing high accuracy measurements. The laboratory is located in a strictly controlled environment (80 m²) with a temperature range of 20 ° ± 0.5 ° C (0.2 ° C/hour and 0.5 ° C/m limits) and a relative humidity of 45% ± 5%. Additionally, it is also isolated from external vibrations (low pass frequency cut-off 4 Hz, with 0.001 m/s ² up to 50 Hz). This creates a perfect environment for research and industrial applications involving dimensional and geometrical measurements. At present, the laboratory owns the following measuring instruments:

  • Alicona Infinite Focus micro coordinate measuring system and surface topography measurement (vertical resolution of up to 10 nm)
  • Mahr Surf CWM 100 a 3D measuring system with combined confocal method and white light interferometer having high precision subnanometer resolution
  • Zeiss Prismo 5 VAST MPS HTG Coordinate Measuring Machine (MPEP = 2.0 um, MPEE = 2.0 + L/300 um)
  • Microrep DMS 680 Universal Length Measuring System (MPE = 0.5 um)
  • Zeiss Rondcom 41-A roundness and cylindricity measuring instrument
  • Mahr Perthometer PGK surface finish measuring instrument